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I have a passion, this passion is experimenting in the kitchen. A perfect night for me would to come home grab my MP3 player drive over to the market and pop in my ear buds and listen to some Jack Johnson while I shop for some ingredients. I would come home and begin the meal preparations and put on some blues music while a few friends come over. I would entertain them while cooking. We would enjoy some wine and conversation as I decorate their plates and let the feast begin. Yes, this is the perfect night.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Dinner Menu for 7/31/2010

I know my blog is a bit bare, but I wanted to keep this blog a particular style. I wanted to make sure I am able to include pictures of most everything I cook. I could post up a bunch of recipes I have created and alter over the last few years, but I think the pictures give a certain appeal. This weekend I am going to try a couple of new things. I am creating a special meal so that I can work on my plating and presentation. I wish I had bought some white places instead of the red ones I have now. I finally understand why white is a classic color to go with, because it makes plating easy. The red of my plates could and probably will throw off the colors of the meal. Oh well, once I can I will buy white plates especially for this blog.

I will start with a simple romaine salad. I am still unsure exactly how I am going to go about this since I am only referring the style of the salad from a picture. I will find a way though. The salad has a romaine and spinach center with cucumbers wrapped around the outside of the salad to make it appear like a bouquet would. There are thin carrots sticks coming from the top of the salad. I will post both pictures in my blog once I write it this weekend.

The entrĂ©e is going to be stripped raviolis stuffed with spinach. I got the stripped ravioli idea from another blog. I will give credit and show the picture of her finished product. Mine will not be exact to hers. Mine will only be stipped with red/orang’ish color instead of orange and green. I thought the gree stripe in addition would be too much figuring the inside of my ravioli will be stuffed with a nice dark spinach. I will top these with a light alfredo sauce.

Also served will be Chicken Cordon Bleu, which I haven’t ever made before. I have made similar stuffed chicken, but not exactly what this is. Mine will still be altered since I am trying to work with food I already have in my kitchen. I will be stuffing the chicken with a smokey turkey. Instead of swiss on top I will be using provolone cheese. I suppose this isn’t called Chicken Cordon Bleu anymore, is it? Haha. That’s okay!

So that is my project for the weekend. I will update my blog again once I have taken all of the pictures.

Feedback is welcomed! Questions, Comments, Suggestions? Please post!

Thank You,

Chef Diva

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